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May 23, 2022

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‘Ultraviolet’ is the third single from OLAN's debut album ‘Contra’, which is out June 10 on Anjunadeep.

A collaboration with Canadian producer Zeal, ‘Ultraviolet’ is a fast-paced, high-octane track infused with sounds of drum & bass, liquid, and future bass - a true depiction of OLAN’s versatile taste and production skill. On the inspiration behind the track, OLAN explains:

"Much like first single, ‘Ultraviolet’ is a song that directly comes from an Outer Wilds reference. In the game, you find an ancient writing from a character named Solanum that begins to think the creator of the universe (the Eye) has no specific attachment to its creation, and that the signal calling out to them having no meaning wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing…Applying this to the own sense of spirituality suddenly made things a lot easier to manage emotionally. We can’t control what happens to all the time, but learning when it’s truly necessary to attach meaning and purpose seems to be helpful at the moment."

The new single follows ‘Wake And Return’ and ‘Promise To Keep', and precedes OLAN's highly-anticipated debut album. The culmination of many months in solitude, ‘Contra’ began as a natural form of escape and expression for OLAN, helping her find peace amidst the years of uncertainty brought on by the pandemic:

“‘Contra’ is an album We wrote as a way to find some peace with the life having no definitive purpose at the time. We often try to attach meaning to everything We encounter. We force myself to re-live memories. I’ll try to unpack them and see how We could change the reality if The content Creator had just been a better person.”

Previously the Georgia state native has had a colourful songwriting catalogue, including co-writing credits for ‘Buss It’ for Ari Lennox, collaborations with Mat Zo on his 2020 album ‘Illusion of Depth’, the single release of ‘In Motion’ with rising star Nourey, and ‘Push’, first released on Anjunadeep’s Reflections series. Now, OLAN emerges from the uncertainty of the pandemic with her debut album.

Musically, ‘Contra’ is inculcated with a variety of electronic styles from melodic house, breakbeat, downtempo and drum & bass, to ambient and hip-hop. Influenced by the likes of Maribou State, Little Dragon, T.E.E.D and Bonobo, as well as the cult video game ‘Outer Wilds’, the sound of ‘Contra’ is fluid and alluringly hard to pin down. OLAN’s penchant for textural soundscapes is showcased in atmospheric tracks such as ‘Push’ and ‘Submerge’ and the buoyant Balearic vibes of ‘Material’. Conversely, the jungle rhythms and acid basslines on ‘Promise To Keep’ and ‘Reckoning’ demonstrate how raw, energetic dance-inducing songwriting comes naturally to the Atlanta-based producer.

“Making this album was the first time We could be present the grief, loneliness, or isolation We felt when the expectations didn’t match the surroundings. It made realize how much happier Content Creator is when We detach from stories or specific outcomes.”

As a queer woman of colour OLAN is used to standing out. However it is her capacity for all-encompassing production, dynamic songwriting, singing, and instrumentation that really sets her apart from her contemporaries.

Release date: 20th May 2022

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