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November 12, 2021

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Fresh off releasing her brand new full-length LP 'I Hope It Lasts Forever', U.S.-based Japanese artist Qrion now follows up with a nostalgic music video for the lead single, “Proud", directed by Japan's Umi Ishihara in Qrion's hometown of Sapporo.

“Proud” is an uplifting, disco-inflected dance-floor anthem, tinged with intimate sentimentality, and the music video, directed by Tokyo-based filmmaker Umi Ishihara, follows suit — a nostalgic ode to Qrion’s hometown Sapporo, shot on location in Northern Japan. The video blends retro VHS footage from the musician’s childhood with a fictionalised day-in-the-life montage of carefree, bittersweet high-school days, as four high-school girls eat ramen, take purikura together, and cycle through the city’s backstreets. The video stars contemporary dancer Tsukushi, who also expresses her own take on the track through a powerful sequence shot in a Ghibli-esque forest evocative of the lush natural landscapes ubiquitous throughout Hokkaido, easily accessible from Sapporo’s city centre.

Qrion has enjoyed a meteoric 2021 that has seen her named as this year's 'Future Star' by electronic music publication DJ Mag, as well as Spotify Japan's EQUAL artist of November, and the procurement of a residency on SiriusXM's 88Rising Radio - a beacon for Asian creativity.

'Proud' has been championed by Pete Tong and Danny Howard of BBC Radio 1 alongside a range of tastemaker DJs including Jason Bentley, Todd Edwards, Moon Boots, and Anna Lunoe.

Director and Editor: Umi Ishihara
Director of Photography: Asumi Sako
EP: Anjunadeep & PUSH
Dancer: @tsukushi_fabulous

Release date: Oct 29 2021

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