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February 2, 2022

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‘Infinity’ is the third EP in two years from Naarm/Melbourne artist Juno Mamba (real name Vinci Javier), following June’s ‘Freedom’ and 2020’s critically acclaimed ‘Light Echoes’, which gained support from tastemaker DJs including TSHA, RÜFÜS DU SOL and Bob Moses as well as Annie Mac and Sian Eleri at BBC Radio 1.

Following the lead single ‘Blue Light’, released on the 19th of October, the three-track EP ‘Infinity’ is out today on London-based electronic label Anjunadeep and Australian label Soothsayer.

Born in the Philippines into a musical family, Vinci was surrounded by music in his formative years - it is said that to be Filipino is to have a soundtrack embedded in your life - leading him to become a multi-instrumentalist from a young age. After moving to Ballarat at age five, Vinci found himself a staple in the thriving local music scene, which saw him play shows across Australia, and in the UK.

As he moved into adulthood, he began to discover club music. Having always played in bands and looked to external inspirations, this discovery of something deeper shifted his musical output: it was when he started to focus inwards, that his drive to create emotionally driven dance music flourished, and Juno Mamba was born.

‘Infinity’ is about the infinite gratitude Vinci has for love and for the women in his life that taught him the meaning of love. A love letter to those who made him the person he is today, with each chapter conveying a formative experience.

He details: “I hope this music will encourage people to show love for one another because life is a short journey, and the world can do with some right now. Like with all the music, it’s intended to be contemplative and reflective with the hope of unifying to celebrate life. For the memories we create will live beyond the physical life.”

A journey about love, the ‘Infinity’ is a sophisticated offering from an artist who continues to push their own boundaries.

Release date: 3rd November 2021

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