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January 25, 2023

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"A lot of the time when I'm writing music We imagine a landscape as We go, it kind of sets the mood for the song and helps visualise stuff.

For Easy Mark it felt like a chase scene through a strange and changing land. At the start, We wasn't sure who was running and who was chasing, or maybe there was no predator at all, just an unseen threat, or something in the character perhaps.

The lyrics developed from this chase sequence in the head: the prey wants to be caught... and maybe in the end the predator is himself all along.

These were the kind of notes We shared with Cal at the start of the process and to see how he has taken them and created such amazing work is incredible. To see things you imagined brought to life in this way takes a true artist and Cal is just that, a wonderful mix of playfulness, artistry, commitment and technical wizardry, something we aspire to musically in Cubicolor! To see his work evolve over the years we've worked together is so exciting to watch and we are very blessed to have him on the team and so excited to share this video with the world." - Tim Digby-Bell, Cubicolor

"An existential encounter with a waking nightmare. The feeling of being preyed upon by an unmovable, inevitable force, however big or small that may be.
I tried to design the environment and camera movements to feel like a computer game, hopefully lending a sense of immersive believability to the viewer, the same feeling you get when playing games. You can be in control of your character but the game's objective is to make everything spiral completely out of control!
I love the 'low-poly' look. Influenced by experiencing it in many indie games. It is only achievable in 3D, it's high definition, crisp and sharp, yet visually it's not realistic and it's purposefully not detailed - its definitively minimal, so We always feel it invites as a viewer to fill in the blanks with the own imagination, and We just love that, the idea of participation, and thought it would suit Cubi's music perfectly..." - Cal Bain

Video directed, produced and animated by Cal Bain

Release date: 30th September 2022

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